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Gevangenissen Buitenland
Department of correctional services - New zealand
Home page for the department of corrections website.

Department of correctional services - New south wales
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Department of correctional services - Florida (USA)
Florida department of corrections is responsible for the custody of inmates in state prisons and the supervision of offenders sentenced to probation or parole in the community. online database for escapes, absconders, fugitives, recent releases, offenders currently in prison and those currently being supervised in the community. review latest statistics on recidivism rates, time served, sentence received, violent career criminals, death row populations and more. discover answers to: do inmates work? difference between jail and prison? cost of incarceration? prison overcrowding? youthful offenders? healthcare for florida inmates? do inmates receive academic or vocational education? are substance abuse programs available?

Department of correctional services - South africa
Department of correctional services - South africa

Department of correctional services - South australia
The department of justice correctional services, south australian government, adelaide, south australia - Belgie
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Northern ireland prison service
The northern ireland prison service is an executive agency of the northern ireland office. the prison service is responsible for providing prison services in northern ireland. the prison service is a major component of the wider criminal justice system and contributes alongside other partners, to achieving the system's overall aims and objectives

Scottish prison service
Sps website

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